Where do scheduled emails go in Outlook? Drafts Folder.

August 27, 2018 | Jameson Zimmer

This post is updated as of August 2019 for Microsoft Outlook version 16.28, Outlook 2019.

“I Can’t find scheduled emails in Outlook”

If you're struggling to find the scheduled emails in Outlook, it's probably because you're looking in the Outbox. Contrary to what you might expect, scheduled emails are commonly stored in the Drafts folder for Outlook desktop and web clients.

If this post doesn't help you, take a look at Microsoft's official help page on scheduling emails. Some other outlook guides note that scheduled or delayed emails go to the Outbox, so consider checking there as well depending on what version of Microsoft Outlook you're using.

Where do scheduled emails go in outlook?

Scheduled emails in Outlook go to the “drafts” folder, where you can find them ordered by date. Scheduled emails have a clock icon in the top right, as you can see in this screenshot (altered to remove personal information):

Outlook scheduled emails: where to find

How to view scheduled emails in Outlook

While Outlook doesn’t offer a filter for scheduled emails, you can recognize them in the drafts folder by the appearance of a “clock” icon in the top right of the email. See screenshot above.

How to cancel a scheduled email in Outlook

As you can see in the screenshot, scheduled emails in Outlook can be canceled by opening the email and clicking the “cancel send” button. This is located directly below the email details (name of sender, recipient details, etc).

Note: I’m posting this article because I wasted a few minutes being confused about where to find scheduled emails in Microsoft Outlook. So, I may as well spend a few more saving internet strangers some time. Feel free to send me your thanks or corrections if you feel inspired to do so.

Microsoft Outlook isn’t my top pick for a web or desktop email service, but you know how it is — sometimes you’re just stuck with it.