My background is in product management, with a special focus on digital media strategy.

As of 2021, my main focus is Brighton Analytics, a portfolio of fast-growing websites built around open government datasets in the UK and US.

Previously I spent 2016–2020 in performance media, where I was fortunate to work with some stellar contributors and grow multiple properties to tens of thousands of daily users. The most successful brand I worked on during that time was BroadbandNow, which was ultimately acquired in 2018 (as well as featured on Last Night Tonight and The Patriot Act!). I’ve written about that experience for VentureBeat here.

From 2014–2016 I lived and worked in Taipei, Taiwan as a struggling artist and teacher. During this time I launched some of my first business endeavors, including several sticker sets for Line App and an extremely unprofitable floral service.

It was around this time that I got interested in entering tech and started teaching myself development and product on nights and weekends, mostly driven by a desperate need to not be broke. I was never much for front-end, but I got to work with some great clients including The Believer Magazine, and it lead me to the world of online publishing.

I started experimenting with some ill-fated websites including a gear review website, a blog about birdwatching written with my brother, and a crowdfunded series of childrens stories. Little success here, but lots of fun and lots of learning.

I won’t even get into what I was doing before all this, but suffice it to say it’s been a winding path and I’m grateful for being treated well by the world. These days, I spend my free time drawing and painting, and spend as much time as possible avoiding computers with my wife and daughter in Los Angeles.