I’m a Product Manager with a background in digital media strategy. Currently based in Vancouver, BC.

As of 2021, my main focus is Brighton Analytics, a portfolio of fast-growing websites built around open datasets. Our websites make open data more accessible for journalists, academics, and consumers.

Previously I spent 2016–2020 working in performance media in Los Angeles, where I was fortunate to work with some stellar contributors and grow multiple properties to tens of thousands of daily users. The most successful brand I worked on during that time was BroadbandNow, which was ultimately acquired in 2018 (as well as featured on Last Week Tonight and The Patriot Act!). I’ve written about that experience for VentureBeat here.

From 2014–2016 I lived and worked primarily in Taipei, Taiwan while working my way into tech doing client work for digital agencies and publishers including The Believer Magazine. Some of my projects from this period were featured in the Taipei Times.

I really enjoy creating products that blur the line between small business and art. Over the years I’ve launched a number of small business ventures and art projects, including several sticker sets for Line App, an extremely unprofitable floral service, and a crowdfunded series of childrens stories.

In summary: it’s been a winding path so far and I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. These days, my free time goes to drawing, painting, and spending as much time as possible avoiding screens with my wife and daughter.

If you’ve read this far, I assume you’re interested in discussing a project or shared interest. Drop me a line via email at jameson@jamesonzimmer.com if you’d like to chat.