I currently work as a technical product manager, with a background in search marketing and content strategy. I help companies create digital assets that generate leads and sales. More on my background is available via LinkedIn.

My specialization is in organic search strategy, with a skillset including copywriting, content strategy, and SEO best practices. I’m also comfortable with front-end development tools and best practices. My mix of technical and creative skills allows me to work effectively between development, analytics, and creative strategy teams.

Past projects rank unusually well for high-intent organic search in competitive industries like app development and home services. I’m happiest when my work has a positive impact and delivers measurable traffic/lead gen results at the same time.

Past and present clients and employers include Centerfield Media, Microbrand Media, Dogtown Media, and an assortment of artists/creative individuals and tech executives. I have also worked on technical projects developing websites and optimizing CMSs for organizations including The Believer Magazine