Jameson Zimmer

Content Strategist & Marketing Consultant

I help companies create content marketing strategies that actually get results.

What I do

I spend my days juggling content strategy with research and collaborating with other writers/designers to create nice things on the Internet.

My campaigns help build brand reputation, expand audiences, and snag some of those coveted first-page Google results.

Past and present clients include BroadbandNow, The Believer Magazine, Dogtown Media, and an assortment of creative types.

Client Testimonials

Jameson has a unique talent for asking the right questions about your business so he can tackle the hard problems. I’ve worked with a lot of individuals on similar tasks and I can truly say only a handful have been a force multiplier for our company’s efforts. Jameson is one of those force multipliers. Consistently he has tackled some of our largest, hairiest, “How are we going to pull this off?” tasks and every time he’s come back with gold. I hope to be solving interesting problems with him for years to come.

Nick Reese

Co-Founder @ BroadbandNow

Jameson’s work on our content strategy generates leads for our business every day. Detail-oriented, great communicator, and always follows up with outside-the-box ideas. Happy to count him as a friend of Dogtown Media.

Marc Fischer

CEO & Co-Founder @ Dogtown Media

Jameson was a wonderful and absolutely necessary resource to have on the redesign for the Believer Logger. He responded to questions extremely fast and was detail oriented in a way that made me feel like the site was in kind and knowledgable hands. I’d recommend him very enthusiastically for both big and small projects.

Hayden Bennett

Deputy Editor @ The Believer Magazine


Content Strategist



Building education-focused content and campaigns that make data easy to understand for Internet users.

Content Marketing Consultant


Helping businesses build their audiences through clever content development.


BA English Literature & Linguistics

Virginia Commonwealth University

I completed my degree at VCU in 2013. I focussed on writing, storytelling, and linguistics.

Classical Studies

St. John's College, Santa Fe

I spent my first year of University studying the great books in beige & beautiful New Mexico.

High School

Renaissance School

I was awarded a merit scholarship to study visual arts at a private prep school in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Certificate of Normality


In spite of being homeschooled in the middle of nowhere, I turned out somewhat normal. Thanks Mom!