Welcome to Jameson Zimmer’s website.

I’m an artist based in Richmond, VA. For updates on paintings and drawings, take a gander at Instagram.*

Inquiries? Would love to hear from you: jamesonzimmer@gmail.com.


Here are some miscellaneous art projects:

Isolation Games
An ongoing painting series exploring rules and topography.

Bedtime in Yangmingshan
A collection of illustrated bedtime stories inspired by my experiences living at a nature camp in Taiwan’s Yangmingshan National Park. The stories are thoughtfully edited by Paul Curreri.

Bad Bun
A sticker set for Line Friends, the popular Japanese chat app. I also made two others, Musky and Mitsutake/Pet Rock.

Short serialized comic about an island inhabited by vague people.

Santa At Sea
Short storybook about a tropical christmas disaster.

Who's That Varmint?
Varmints is a children's book on the subject of nocturnal animals, written & illustrated in 24 hours while trapped at home for Christmas.


Here are a few digital ideas:

A tiny web app that turns your phone (and a sweater) into a purring sleep aid.

An even tinier web app that crowdsources small, actionable remedies to depression. It came about from an idea I had while building a snowman and thinking, “you can’t feel hopeless when you’re building a snowman.” It had a nice run on the social media trail and now it’s retired.


Here’s a picture of me and my dog:

Portrait by Moonie Tyler.


* Also reachable via Twitter, Facebook, and most of the other haunts @jamesonzimmer.